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Celebrating the best in filmmaking from around the world in the heart of London

Festival programme

We’re proud to announce the Official Selection for 2017

Times, dates and venues to be published soon.


The programme includes:


Steven Berkoff's Tell Tale Heart by Stephen Cookson (UK)

Eighth Continent by Yorgos Zois (Greece)

Home by Daniel Mulloy (UK)

The Valley Below by Joel Hoffman (Switzerland)

DeKalb Elementary by Reed Van Dyk (USA)

We are abnormal by Rene Perez (USA)

Stand Down by Dana Tynan (USA)

30 Cents by Markus Thorington (USA)

Their names - Burning Star by Romain Laurent (France)

Ultrasound - Kontiki by Andrew Rutter (UK)

Backstory by Joschka Laukeninks (Germany)

After Life by Nick Mayow and Prisca Bouchet (New Zealand)

Karma by Zhaoyu Zhou (USA)

Flutter by Vladimir Todorov (USA)

Ecstasy by Kitty Frobenius (Norway)

Limits of Freedom: The Street Children of Kathmandu

by Joe Gist & Aidan Joseph (UK)

Wanted by Graeme Montgomery (UK)

Aquarelle (It means I’m sorry) by Pluton Vasi (Albania)

Tupamaro by Martin Markovits (Venezuela, USA)

Fefe Limbe by Julien Silloray (France)

Standby by Charlotte Regan (UK)

Rosario by Marlen Rios-Farjat (Mexico)

Laws of the Game by Aegina Brahim (UK)

Poke by Mareike Engelhardt (France)

The Hunt by Nguyen Hong Ngoc Mai (Singapore)

Wren Boys by Harry Lighton (UK)

A Little Grey by Simon Hewitt (UK)

Written/Unwritten by Adrian Silisteanu (Romania)

Domesticated Wolf by Elad J. Primo (Israel)

Glory by Kristina Grozeva, Petar Valchanov (Bulgaria, Greece)

King of the Belgians by Peter Brosens and Jessica Woodworth (Belgium, Netherlands, Bulgaria)

Western by Valeska Grisebach (Germany, Bulgaria, Austria)

Sami Blood by Amanda Kernell (Sweden, Norway, Denmark)

We are proud to announce the winners 2016 -

Click here to view the list of - Winning films.

Many thanks and congratulations to our Official Selection and to all our Winners for making this the best UK Film Festival so far.

On Wednesday 16th and Thursday 17th November in Leeds we screened the Lux Prize feature film finalists in association with L.I.F.F.

The London screenings were presented at the Barbican  Cinema.

London Programme 2016:

Tuesday 22nd November:
BFI Stephens Street, London W1T 1LN, 18:00 Opening Night Reception and Selection Preview. Invited Guests only. Email and murray@ukfilm if you’d like to attend this screening.

Wednesday 23rd November:
Shortwave Cinema, Bermondsey Square, London SE1 3UN

17:30  Music Videos. (Free Screening.)

An exciting mix of music videos compete for the UKFF Best Music Video Award. All awards sponsored by Edgeware:

-   Stig of the Dump – Kubrick by Mark Blackman (3mins, United Kingdom)

-   Speech of Foxes by Ben Philippo (4mins, USA)

-   Private Waltz by Marina Waltz (5mins, United Kingdom)

-   Kill it for the Kids by Christopher Ullens de Schooten (3mins, United Kingdom)

-   Happy by Mitski by Maegan Houang (4mins, United Kingdom)

-   Schoolboy Q ”John Muir” by Scott Fleishman (4mins, USA)

Happy by Mitski directed by Maegan Houang

18:00 The Gay Cure:
directed by Stina Norager Frandsen (Feature Film, Denmark)  - An in depth controversial take on religion versus sexual identity. Followed by a Q and A with Danish filmmaker, Stina Norager Frandsen.  (£12 / £6 concession )

19:20 My Brother’s Voice:
directed by Andrea Bersani (Feature Film – 72mins, Italy) – This is a film that will touch you like nothing else in this festival. Followed by a Q and A with the filmmaker, Andrea Bersani. (£12 / £6 concession )

21:00 Sneak Preview:
World Premiere. Feature Film. Invitation Only.

Thursday 24th November:

17:00 Shorts Panorama 1:

A diverse collection of short films. Arresting fiction, thought provoking documentary and amusing animation.  (£6 and £3 concession)

-   The Road directed by Yanqi Chen (34mins, United Kingdom/China)

Slave directed by Amat Escalante in Short FIlm Main Competition 1 - Thursday.

-   Crackpot directed by Alex Bernas (3mins, United Kingdom)

-   Stolpe Nord directed by Julia Tielke (15mins, Germany)

-   My Brief Eternity: Ar Awyr Le directed by Clare Sturges (13mins, United Kingdom)

-   Perched directed by Liam Harris (11mins, United Kingdom)

18:35 Short Films Main Competition 1 – “Unusual Love and Exploitation Stories.”  (£12 / £6 concession )

-   When You Hear the Bells [Au bruit de clochettes] directed by Chabname Zariab (25mins, France/Afghanistan)

-   Slave directed by Amat Escalante (13mins, Mexico)

-   Daniel directed by Dean Loxton (15mins, United Kingdom)

Timecode directed by Juanjo Gimenez Pena in Short Film Main Competition 1.

-   Small Talk directed by Even Hafnor and Lisa Brooke Hansen (21mins, Norway)

-   The Body is a Lonely Place directed by Ida Lindgren (10mins, Sweden)

-   The Idyll directed by Justin Anderson (12mins, United Kingdom)

-   Timecode directed by Juanjo Gimenez Pena (15mins. Spain)

21:00 Short Films Main Competition 2 – “Revenge and Forgiveness.”

(£12 / £6 concession)

-   The Return of Erkin directed by Maria Guskova (30mins, Russia)

-   4:15PM: The End of the World [4:15 P.M. Sfarsitul Lumii] directed by Catalin Rotaru and Gabi Virginia Sarga (15mins, Romania)

-   The Fuzz directed by Grant Alexander King (10mins, United Kingdom)

"4:15PM:The End of the World" directed by Catalin Rotaru and Gabi Virginia Sarga in Short FilmMain Competition 2.

-   Sweet Maddie Stone directed by Brady Hood (24mins, United Kingdom)

-   Mariana’s Sandwich directed by Carlos Cuaron (11mins, Mexico)

Friday 25th November: 17:30 Shorts Panorama 2

A diverse collection of fiction, documentary and animation. (£6 and £3 concession)

-   Heart of the Land (Toivola) directed by Kaisa Astikainen (30mins, Finland)

-   Pirouette directed by Zige Zhang (2mins, China, USA)

-   Black Sheep directed by Christian Cerami (16mins, United Kingdom)

The Bathtub [Die Badewanne] directed by Tim Ellrich in Short Film Main Competition 3 Friday.

-   Shell House directed by Artiom Barkun (10mins, United Kingdom)

-   Tamara directed by Sofia Safonova (17mins, United Kingdom, Russia)

19:00 Short Films Main Competition 3 – “Families, but not as we know them.”

(£12 / £6 concession )

-   Everything Will Be Okay [Alles Wird Gut] directed by Patrick Vollrath (30mins, Germany)

-   Mother [Madre] directed by Simon Mesa Soto (14mins, Colombia)

-   Imago directed by Raymund Ribay Gutierrez (16mins, Philippines)

Nocturne directed by Luis Ayhllon

-   The Bathtub [Die Badewanne] directed by Tim Ellrich (13mins, Germany)

-   Sunday Morning Coming Down directed by Harry Lighton (20mins, United Kingdom)

-   A Night in Tokoriki directed by Roxana Stroe (18mins, Romania)

21:15  Nocturne directed by Luis Ayhllon (Feature, 88mins, Mexico) (£12 / £6 concession )

A creepy and disturbing thriller. A shocking melange of Roman Polanski’s Repulsion and Michael Haneke’s Amour.

Saturday 26th November: 17:30 Awards Ceremony – Screening of the winning shorts and Presentation of awards.

All awards are sponsored by Edgeware

-   19:00 Stanley, A Man Of Variety directed by Stephen Cookson (83mins, Fiction, United Kingdom) A unique moment in the history of Cinema – Timothy Spall, plays 16 different characters giving a once in a lifetime tour de force performance.  Followed by  a Q&A with Timothy Spall and director Stephen Cookson. (Screening SOLD OUT)

Timothy Spall in Stanley, A Man Of Variety directed by Stephen Cookson.

21:00 After Party in the cinema bar.

Celebrating the best in filmmaking from around the world in the heart of London